Kids Safeguard System®

Get prepared for the unthinkable

We know you love your kids and how hard you work to keep them safe. They are your greatest gifts and you worry about them all the time. We are also parent’s with young children, we get it.

The Kids Safeguard System® was created to go above and beyond the basic estate plan and to make sure that the kids are always protected, and that the parent’s legacy and wishes are documented for their minor children.

Often times, parents know that they need some type of planning for their young children but are not really sure where to start or what is even needed.

Here are a few questions to think about relating to protecting your kids:

  • If something happened to you and the other parent of your children today, do know what would happen to your kids?
  • Maybe you have an idea or have even discussed it with the potential guardians, but have you legally documented your guardian wishes?
  • Do you live close to family so that if an emergency happened, they could get to the kids quickly so child protective services doesn’t get involved and potentially remove your children from their home and put them in foster care.
  • If you left your kids with a babysitter for date night and there was a car accident, does your babysitter know who to call? Can the babysitter get ahold of your family that lives close by to take your kids quickly?
  • Is there someone that you would never want to be guardians of your children that could?

We know these are tough questions and it is hard to think about. As a parent, you never want to think about not being there for your kids. But without proper planning, you are not in control of what happens to your kids if something happens to you.

Our Kids Safeguard System® was created to do just that. It allows you to legally document your wishes where you are making that decisions for your kids and not a court that doesn’t know you or your kids.

The Kids Safeguard System® includes the following:

Nomination of Temporary Guardians
Letters to Temporary Guardians
Nomination of Guardians
Letters to Guardians
Guardian Exclusion Letter
Family Emergency Information
Wishes to Guardians

Laminated Emergency Wallet Cards
Emergency Car Seat Stickers

We offer our Kids Safeguard System® as a standalone package and it costs $595.

The Kids Safeguard System® does come included with some of our Trust Packages at no additional cost.

Ready to get a plan in place to protect your kids?

We can help you get a plan in place and make sure your wishes are legally documented giving you peace-of-mind. To get started, call our office at (805) 518-9633, click below to schedule an appointment, or complete the form below and one of our team members will be in contact with you.

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