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While most people strive to live as independently as possible, there are times when that’s not possible. At times, mental or physical incapacity may make it impossible for someone to make their own decisions regarding their health, well-being, and finances.


When this is the case, guardianships are legal tools to protect the best interests of minor children. These legal arrangements are court-ordered, meaning a judge makes them for medical, financial, legal, or personal reasons.

If you live in Irvine, California, and need the help of guardianship lawyers, Hermance Law is here to help. We have qualified Irvine guardianship attorneys on hand and offer a free consultation.

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Guardianship in California

Guardianship refers to a situation in which a probate court appoints a guardian to protect the estate or assets of a minor. Family members and other loving adults usually step in to obtain guardianship to protect the child’s best interest. There are two types of guardianship in the state: guardian of the estate and guardian of the person. Guardianship of the estate is when a guardian is appointed in probate when a minor is the heir of significant assets or when proceeds from litigation are expected. This allows access to the assets before a minor’s 18th birthday, but only at the discretion of the court-appointed guardian. A guardianship can also be ordered for a person or non-monetary interests of a minor child. The court will order guardianship for a minor when the child’s parents cannot care for them due to death, mental health issues, or other legal and personal circumstances.

Kids Safeguard System®

We understand that you love your kids and want to keep them safe. That’s why we created the Kids Safeguard System®.

The Kids Safeguard System® goes beyond the basic estate plan to ensure your minor children are always protected and that your wishes—and legacy—are documented, so you don’t have to worry.

Guardianship Vs. Adoption in California

The role of an adoptive parent and a guardian can sometimes overlap when caring for a minor. While there are differences, it’s important to remember that there are critical legal differences between guardianship and adoption. The most significant difference is that with legal guardianship, the child’s parents still maintain their parenting rights and can still be part of the child’s life through visitation rights. Unlike adoption, guardianship can be terminated through a court proceeding if the parent has completed court-ordered steps to regain custody. Another difference between adoption and guardianship is that the court oversees the guardian and ensures that person is not abusing their power.

An adoptive parent takes on the parenting responsibilities without constant court supervision. We know that as a parent, you never want to think about not being there for your child. That’s why at Hermance Law, we focus on ensuring children are taken care of properly with our Kid’s Safeguard System. This system allows you to legally document your guardianship wishes so that you are making the decisions for your children. If you need help planning the guardianship of your child or children, you can rest assured our law firm won’t miss a single important detail. Contact our firm today for a free consultation.

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Experienced Guardianship Attorneys

At Hermance Law, we have experienced guardianship lawyers, and we pride ourselves on building a solid attorney-client relationship with every person who walks through our law firm doors in Irvine or uses our virtual services. We want our clients to feel comfortable asking the big questions surrounding your guardianship issues and estate plan, so we can share our legal expertise and give you the answers you need, which, ultimately, gives you peace-of-mind. We offer flexible client scheduling and a family-friendly environment so you can make appointments with a guardianship attorney that works around your busy schedule without needing a babysitter for your child.

We’re here to help with your guardianship issues or any other estate legal issue you may have, so contact us today for a free consultation.

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Matt Morrisset
Efficient, knowledgeable, patient, attention to detail, straight forward pricing, flexible scheduling are some of the words I would use to describe our experience with Jennifer at Hermance Law . The team made what seemed to be a daunting task, easy and we now have the piece of mind that are our future and our children's future is better planned and simplified.
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Andy Wombwell
We had a great experience with Hermance. Jennifer explained everything and made the process easy for us. We’re very glad we worked with her!
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Sydney Robertson
I worked with Jennifer to set up my trust and will, and found the process to be smooth and thorough. Jennifer was quick to respond to my questions, gave me good information so that I could make informed decisions, and handled the paperwork efficiently. I strongly recommend Jennifer Romero and Hermance Law for your estate planning.
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Thomas Lyon
I reached out to Hermance Law to update my estate plan. Jennifer Romero and the other staff at Hermance are terrific. True professionals. I encouraged other family members do the same. We all now have the comfort and security of complete estate plans.
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Tim H
I had a great experience with Jennifer Romero at Hermance Law. I went into the consultation with no expectations or knowledge of the process for establishing a Trust and was very impressed and comfortable through the whole process. Jennifer was very receptive, knowledgeable and understanding of my questions and we were able to get it done in an efficient manner. Once everything was signed, I was given clear actionable directions that allowed me to take care of "my side" of things and I'm happy with the outcome. For anyone that is unsure if they need estate planning, I encourage you to attend one of their free informative classes. I didn't need to after my first call, but you won't regret it if you're on the fence.
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Gina Saucedo
Hermance Law Estate Planning along with Jennifer Romero was very convenient, easy and affordable
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Angela Ruiz
Thank you for all you help and explaining everything to us along the way.
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Destiny James
The estate planning workshop was well organized and informative. All questions were well received and answered. At the end there was transparency with pricing if you moved forward with estate planning. All staff in the office were friendly.
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Adriana Melling
Excellent workshop! I highly recommend!
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Erika Henderson
This workshop was really helpful for my mom to see the benefits of a living trust. She is excited to get started with Hermance Law!


We are probate lawyers, but we are also parents. We have great resources on estate planning for parents, focusing on what parents can do to protect their children in emergencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do guardians get paid?

In California, both guardians of the person and of the estate can be compensated from the child’s estate, making it all the more important to select a guardian that you trust to make the best decisions for your child’s future.

When is guardianship required?

Courts may appoint guardianship when:

  • Both you and the other parent have passed away
  • You’re seriously ill or incapacitated
  • Parental rights have been terminated

The only constant is change. Prepare for the unexpected today by working with a qualified Irvine guardianship attorney at Hermance Law.

Does the guardian of the person have to be the same as the guardian of the estate?

No. It is possible to select two different individuals to fill these roles.

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