This is a great question I talk through with lots of clients! Of course you can select them to the be guardian for your children. With a comprehensive estate plan, you can “split up” the roles: one person manages the money (the successor trustee) while another person raises the children (the guardian). Sometimes the same people are appropriate for both roles and other times, naming different people is the right thing to do. This is what we call a “counseling issue,” meaning that after we talk it through, you’ll know what decision to make.

The people who care for your children day-to-day may or may not be the best fit to manage the finances as well. The responsibilities do require different skill sets. Luckily, your plan can be tailored to your unique circumstances and needs.

If you need help determining who would be the best to fill these roles, please contact our office to get started. Now is the time to get this crossed-off your to-do list and get your kids protected.

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