Consider healthcare planning for your graduate. Getting planning documents in place can help.

It’s graduation season and graduations are taking over social media feeds. This year, graduation has been different than anyone could have imagined. What should have been a time for celebrations, parties and proms, has been a new way of doing things and people getting pretty creative on celebrating their graduates.

Here at our main headquarters office in Ventura, California, our city hall had an amazing graduation event setup where graduates were able to wear their cap and gown. They walked through the building to get their diplomas while their family watched and took pictures from their decorated vehicles as they drove by. Definitely a graduation to remember and unlike any before.

Helping your child prepare for the next phase of their life can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and a little bittersweet. Of course, there are practical considerations, too. Play the role as a responsible parent by supporting them as they form new financial habits, transition out of living at home, and plan for their future.

You are used to playing an active role in your child’s health, education, and other decisions. But once your child reaches the age of 18, legally, things change.

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For one, you are accustomed to having access to all your child’s medical records. But once they reach the milestone of turning 18, the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) dictates that their medical records and health information become accessible only to them as the patient. A release of information, sometimes known as a HIPAA Authorization Form, must be signed by your child for a doctor to speak to you about their care or health information, even if your child is still covered by your health insurance.

To ensure a seamless transition from home, assist your child in finding a new primary care provider, and ask your child to transfer their medical records from their pediatrician to their new doctor. It is best not to wait until your child gets sick or injured so that no gaps in preventive or acute care will occur.

This is just one of the many aspects of planning that you should be thinking about for your new young adult.

Here is a webinar that you can watch on planning for your young adult:

 Congrats! Your Teen is now an Adult –

 5 Legal Documents they Need Now!

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 We also have a Checklist for Parents with College Kids to help you with some things you may not have considered as your child prepares to leave for college.

Transitioning away from the structure and support of home will be a big change for your young one, and for your entire family. It can be a thrilling time, as your child seeks out new passions, explores the world, and develops a strong character through hard work and perseverance. Don’t forget to prepare them with the legal tools and financial strategies they will need to be a success and to safeguard their future.

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