Estate Planning Discussion Areas to Cover:

Basic Level:

  • Explain that estate planning documents have been prepared.
  • Discuss where the estate planning documents can be found in the event they are needed (at your incapacity or death).
  • If you have minor children, have discussions with the guardians you have nominated to care for your children if something happens. 

Intermediate Level:

  • Everything discussed above, AND
  • Divulge who has been selected to serve in the major fiduciary roles (personal representative, trustee, agent under a financial power of attorney, and patient advocate). This may involve explaining why certain individuals have been chosen over others.
  • Cover the types of documents included with your estate plan. Do you have a a will, or is there also a trust? Are there multiple trusts?
  • Have a general discussion about how things will be divided. Let those who will be receiving something know (if not how much) and disclose whether the assets will be divided equally among those involved.

Complete Level:

  • Everything discussed above, AND
  • Collect all of the documents and go through them with your family.
  • Discuss exactly what each person will receive and when.
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