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Crista Hermance

As an attorney with two young children, Crista has first hand knowledge and experience to understand how important planning is for young families. Estate planning can accomplish so many of your wishes to ensure that if something happened, your kids would be legally protected the way that we want. All families should have some sort of legal estate plan.

In speaking with several parents, most of them did not have an estate plan in place or anything to protect their children in case of incapacity or death. It’s scary to think that if a plan isn’t in place, the state would have a plan for you. Odds are, it’s not the plan you would want.

Estate Planning is NOT just for the wealthy, it’s for any parent wanting to put a plan in place to protect their family.

Crista Hermance
Crista with her daughters
Crista was born and raised in Ventura, California and lived there a majority of her life. She majored in business management at San Diego State University and soon thereafter started working for Citigroup in Jacksonville, Florida. She worked as a project manager for Citigroup and traveled extensively throughout the world. She even ended up relocating to the Philippines for a year which was an opportunity of a lifetime for her. After living in the Philippines, she moved back to Ventura and began her legal career.
She started by volunteering at the Ventura County District Attorney’s office and the Coalition to End Family Violence as a Victim Advocate. Next she started law school at the Southern California Institute of Law and was able to find a position as a law clerk with a firm in Westlake Village where the flexible schedule allowed her to finish law school and take the California bar exam. After passing the bar, she received a promotion to associate attorney and focused on estate planning, personal injury and bankruptcy cases. She really enjoyed helping families with their estate planning and decided to start her own practice after the birth of her first child. She decided to focus her practice solely on estate planning and ensuring that young families know how to protect their family. She enjoys helping families create a specific estate plan to fit their unique needs and providing parents with the peace-of-mind knowing they have a plan in place. Family dynamics are always evolving and she built this practice with growing families in mind. As Hermance Law has continued to serve clients, their area of practice has evolved to include acting as crisis planning attorneys. It is important that the Hermance Law team are able to help our clients not only with their estate planning needs but also if one of their family members passes away.

Her goal is to create lasting relationships with her clients and to always be available to help them in the future.

Crista is very passionate about helping children and is involved in the following charities:

Crista - Estate Planning Mom Graphic

On a personal note:

  • Crista has two daughters, Sara (six) and Sophia (four).
  • Her Favorite Mom Activity: Taking the girls to the Zoo and mom play dates.
  • Hobbies: Traveling, scuba diving, golf, crafting, and photography.
  • Dream Vacation: Fiji

Jennifer Romero

Jennifer achieved a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy from the University of California, Los Angeles. Worked at the Children’s Law Center of California, representing children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned that come under the protection of the Los Angeles Juvenile Dependency Court systems. Jennifer passed the California BAR Exam in July of 2016 and joined the Hermance Law team in August of 2018.
Jennifer Romero
Jennifer - Estate Planning Mom Graphic
Jennifer is involved in the following charity:

On a personal note:

  • Jennifer has one daughter, Penny (two).
  • Her Favorite Mom Activity: FitMom classes with Penny. Taking Penny for ice cream and watching her try new flavors!
  • Hobbies: Long-Distance Running. Piano.
  • Dream Vacation: Paris with Penny!
Jennifer with daughter

Connie Lee

Connie was born and raised in Orange County. Connie received her Bachelors Degree from the University of California, Riverside. Connie majored in Economics with and emphasis in Law and Society. After graduating from Riverside, Connie went directly to Law school at Western State University. Connie then graduated and ventured into the world of Law. Connie would then go to practice criminal defense, personal injury and was second chair in civil litigation trials. Connie also dabbled into labor and bankruptcy law. As Connie began gaining more experience in different fields, she also started a family. Connie knew that she always wanted to practice an area of law that was meaningful and that could truly make a difference. Having children made Connie realize the importance of Estate Planning and how necessary it is for families. Connie is passionate about being able to help others and hopes to be able to extend her knowledge and help ensure that families are protected.
Firasat Tar
On a personal note:

  • Connie has two children. Ethan (10) and Lauren (8)
  • Her favorite mom activity:  Traveling and trying new activities with my family.  Doing family workouts.  Eating our way through cities.
  • Hobbies: Traveling, Golf, Crossfit, Weightlifting, Wine, Food, and cooking.
  • Dream Vacation: Traveling through Asia and Europe eating amazing food and enjoying wine!

Elizabeth Elizondo

Elizabeth grew up in Carpinteria, California. She achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Government and Chicano Studies from Claremont Mckenna College in Claremon, California. Throughout college she worked at the Family Law Facilitator’s office in the Superior Court of California in the City of Pomona. Elizabeth received her law degree from the University of California , Berkeley. She was admitted to the California BAR in December of 2014. Since then she has been practicing law in the area of real estate, estate planning and trust administration.

Firasat Tar

On a personal note:

  • Elizabeth has three children.

  • Her Favorite Mom Activity: It’s a tie between exploring new restaurants with the kids and making bubbles outside.

  • Hobbies: Eating food, exploring new cities, and binge watching shows on Netflix.

Suzanne Mehren

Suzanne earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Pepperdine University and her
Juris Doctor Degree from Abraham Lincoln University School of Law. She passed the
California Bar Exam and was admitted to the State Bar of California. She is the proud mother to
her amazing 8-year-old daughter, Elle Sophia. They enjoy going for long walks, bike rides,
crafting, and cooking together. Suzanne is very passionate about being an attorney, a mother,
and helping others.

Firasat Tar


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