10 Day Document Organization Challenge

Getting Your Family Life on Paper Organized

This {FREE} 10 Day Document Challenge to create a Home Emergency Binder can be used in a myriad of emergencies – natural disaster, house fire or flood, or a medical emergency. 

There is never a better time to get things organized than the beginning of a new year! 

Get Your Document Organization Checked Off Your TO-DO List Once and For All!

  • Do you have all your important documents all in different places?
  • If something was to happen to you today, would your loved ones be able to find all your important paperwork?
  • Having all your important documents in one place can be life saving in the event of an emergency.

In this {Free}10 Day Document Organization Challenge, you will receive an email with free fillable printables, documents that accompany the printables, and instructions on how to organize that category.

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The Benefits of a Document Organization Binder

Having a binder with all your important documents is smart and practical, and allows you to reference information quickly.  It makes life simpler now and could be life saving in the event of an emergency – at the very least, it will allow you to immediately begin helping your family members.  It is wonderful having everything in one place for everyday stuff.

But even more importantly, the peace-of-mind knowing that in just seconds, you can grab every document your family may need in an emergency.

Examples of how life could be simpler with a completed document organization binder:

  • Making insurance claims
  • Storing medical information for your loved ones
  • Having all your documents ready to go in case of a natural disaster
  • Employment documentation
  • Emergency Contact Information for Babysitters
  • Traveling and accessing your financial accounts

{FREE} 10 Day Document Organization Challenge

Once you join, everyday for 10 days you will receive an email with instructions on what to organize for that day! 

How it Works

From start to finish we are here every step of the way!

Sign-up and join the challenge

Check your email each day for instructions for that day


Collect documents for that day and put into a binder of your choice


Fill out our PDF’s and print to attach with your doucments

Day 1: Parents

Day 2: Kids

Day 3: Health

Day 4: Financials

Day 5: House

Day 6: Employment

Day 7: Life Insurance

Day 8: Legal Documents

Day 9: Vehicles

Day 10: Pets

Our Mission

To create peace-of-mind knowing that if the unthinkable happens, your children would be protected.

Crista B. Hermance, Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning Mom®

As both a mom to two little girls and an attorney, I have a very unique frame of mind when it comes to protecting families with minor children.

I work and plan with families who have minor children to ensure that their kids are protected. This allows parents the peace of mind to know that if the unthinkable did happen, their kids would be protected.

I look forward to working with you and helping you protect your family.

Please note: We can only assist in California but please email info@hermancelaw.com for a referral attorney for your state.  

Thank you,

Crista Hermance
Estate Planning Mom®

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Crista Hermance


With locations throughout Southern California, we are here to serve your estate planning needs! Plus, we offer virtual meetings and can assist clients throughout the satate of California.


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Happy Families


At Hermance Law, we strive to provide our clients with the absolute best experience possible. Our offices are child-friendly to accommodate every member of your family. Our team is dedicated to assisting you every step of the planning process. We want you to know that here you aren’t just clients, you are a part of the Hermance Law family. 

“Hermance Law is the best of the best! They are so knowledgeable and have this whole process down to a science.”

Jennifer S.

“We had an easy and painless time putting together the information we needed, and they were so great about walking us through any questions we had.”

Todd H.

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